Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just Buying a Little Time

As I pointed out in the last post:  "Bipolar--Genes - Plus much More" I want to share some information and ideas concerning some topics that helped me have a clearer perspective on how Bipolar is passed down to my generation and on down the line to my grandchildren. I became overwhelmed with the idea in my mind of genes passing from generation to generation for thousands of years, ever so slightly changing characteristics as they duplicate, but even then having some of the same original DNA.

After I hit the publish button, I closed down the computer got in the car and drove to my coffee shop. This is when I outlined what I wanted to say next. I want to discuss ideas and give you some information that may help you while tying it all together with my theme, AND at the same time it gives me a great way to "show" you more about me--the "real" me under certain circumstances.

Each of us, if we have any feelings at all have certain "interests" that touches our hearts. We all have deep convictions or "causes" we support because it is very important to us. We also have a major "pet peeve" that just eats at us.

 I am no different except the fact I have 1 major "pet peeve" (can be broken down into categories) that has become, at times, an obsession with me and having Bipolar I -- this subject ignites the manic attack that is at times almost impossible to put out.

What I am trying to say, I know in my mind that the next several posts will eventually lead to that subject and the closer I get, my heart races, I feel the rage slowly starting to creep up....

I am determined to finish though...I just cannot mentally do it all at once.

"My Mind"       

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