About This Blog

First and foremost, I am not a writer. I guess because of my situation I have forgotten what little I did know about spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure and so on. On bad days my writing gets only worse. I can only ask that you concentrate on the content and overlook my faults.

My goal for this blog is to do the following:

Help those who also suffer from this illness through my trials, mistakes, battles lost and battles won in my life and in my mind. I hope if you have a loved one who has bipolar, you will read this and realize how serious it is. Without treatment and support it can mean the difference in life and death.

This will not be easy for me. There are many things in my past that would like to stay buried, and just as much presently that I am either scared to mention, or ashamed. However if just one of the above goals are met, as painfully as it may be, it will be worth it.

Welcome to my world...