About Me

   Some may find it strange that I do not give much information about my personal life. It was set up this way when I first started designing this blog for the simple reason I did not know where it may lead. My immediate family is the only one who knows I have been diagnosed with bipolar. It's actually kind of interesting how people look at you and treat you when they find out you have bipolar. This is the reason why I prefer other family members, friends, businesspeople, coworkers and the owners of the business where I am employed do not know that side of me.

    As you read about my condition and how serious the "mania" attacks occur and even up to a few weeks ago on the edge of psychotic, you will understand why I do everything in my power to mask it with the exception of immediate family. Whether I pull it off completely or not I don't know, but I like to think I do. As I share my experience in greater detail later, the secrecy becomes more critical.

   In today's times, where we are so advanced in medicine and science we now know of a mental illness called Bipolar. Although bipolar is still mysterious in many ways at least we can "label" it, and there are treatment options available. This was not so when I was a child. Looking back at my life, I can go back to when I was five years old and I can "see" there were problems. Fortunately, unlike some, my illness started out with little "odd quarks" in my personality and behavior and has slowly progressed to the stage I am now. Unfortunately though, in the past I could almost predict the cycles and medicine kept me as level as possible, but in the last year or so I am becoming like a volcano that can erupt at any second. The predictability has vanished.

   Aside from my mind, I am your average man in the early 50's who has been blessed - none greater than the most loving, caring, devoted and supportive wife a man could ever ask for. She is my anchor and the glue that keeps this ship from sinking! I am a father that could never be more proud of his children and love them dearly.

   I am not a doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, alternative practitioner, or health or mental health professional. I do not endorse any specific types of medication or therapy. Any mention of medications or any forms of treatment are from my own experience or research. I caution each of you to seek a qualified medical professional as to your specific diagnosis.

   Any ads are the result of third-party transactions via Google and others. I neither solicit ads for specific products, nor endorse specific products that appear in ads.

    If you want to know a little bit more about the 'other' side of me away from here, send a friend request to Jerry D. Parker (Eagle Mind) on Face Book.

 "My Mind"