Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Someone always has it worse than me"

The last couple of days, I have been hearing about different people that is going through so much turmoil, hardships and serious illnesses. People I have talked to have relatives that has brain tumors; cancer that is spreading through their body; and then I hear from our church of a family in a different country that just had their little boy kidnapped for money. Oh how my heart bled when I heard the kidnappers let them talk to the little boy! What that family must be going through!

The point I'm trying to make is this: Years ago my Dad said "Son, you may have it real bad, and it may even get worse, but remember, someone out there has it harder than you." That is so very true.

I hear of that little boy taken away from his dear family - and I think of my little girl this very minute in her bed asleep-safe.

There of thousands of people, including women and little children without a place to stay, living on the streets - and I look now and see the roof over my head and a soft bed waiting.

There are thousands upon thousands of AMERICANS going hungry and not knowing where their next meal will be coming from - and I think of the dinner I just had!

Somewhere at this very minute there is a child or women being abused..oh God please help me...just thinking about this drive me insane!

I have read what I have written so far in this blog and I feel so bad. Please understand me when I say that I KNOW there are millions of people who's life is much worse than mine! I am not saying 'pity me', but trying to make people aware of what Bipolar is and how it affects a person. This is my life. Bipolar is what is effecting me now, and I realize someday God forbid, something like the above should happen to me. But now, I happen to have a serious illness called Bipolar 1.

Realizing all the above, I will continue to tell my story. Some of the later posts will be much more in detail of years before I finally reached out for help; details (if I can..I don't know) of the last months before I started being treated; I will provide actual cases of how serious Biplar can be including suicide and murder--some people behind bars that you may have heard about; trying to get you to understand Bipolar is not just about being a little depressed. I will try to give information about what has helped me. All the links on this blog will help you tremendiously.

So as I write this blog, it is not meant to imply that I have it worse than the next person, BUT this what controlls my entire life.

Friends, remember as you read this blog that I am a very private person and it's difficult for me to come out of my shell. I am also no doubt the worst writer you will ever read. But if this helps one person who is suffering, or someone who will understand enough to help a friend or loved one seek help, then it will be worth it.

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