Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ok...Mind Please S L O W Down!

This is me....:)

Only those who have experienced this knows what I am talking about. How do even try to explain the famous extreme “high” periods to someone who has not experienced them? This is the time where experts says we are at our peek. We will, or can, be very creative. Well I sure don’t understand the creative part.

This is the period where the mind is going ten times faster than I can talk. I cannot quit talking, but it all come out as “gibberish.” My wife has seen these times more than she can remember. I was talking to her, nonstop, but could not finish the subject because my mind has already finished that thought, and was moving on to the millions of other bytes of information it is trying to force out of my mouth; all at once. I would bring up a topic, lets say, what I saw on the news, and then switch to something that happened at work, not really finishing that and would move on to something else.  

This is that period where I analyze everything mostly nonsense. I mean lets get real! Couple of days ago this episode started slowly coming on. I saw a red robin sitting next to a sparrow.

“Do Read Robins know how pretty they are?”


“Think about it!” Trying to slow down, “you have a robin that is awesome, sitting next to a sparrow that is nice, but just usual grey, does he know how he is prettier than the sparrow?”

“Well I don’t know dear, I don’t think he has a mirror to look into.”

“Yeah, but picture this…” I blurted out…”two Robbins sitting next to each other, one looks at the other, sees how bright red he is and knows he is just like him. What about that!” 

She laughed a little but gave me “that look.”

Today I could take any subject and break it down and analyze it in 2 seconds. As quick as you could blink your eye. It may not make any sense, it may even be stupid, but hey, what if someday I am really onto something here. The problem is I most likely not remember them in the morning.

This is so hard to even type, because my mind is sorting out the next subject; what will; could; may or may not happen at work, and how I am going to respond. Now, it’s thinking about tomorrow, what I have to do… This weekend…news…next race this weekend…the weather tomorrow and weekend…what I am going to wear…should I change this blog around a little…change the subject to another firs…or go with the one I had planned a month ago…

I cannot catch up. Maybe now is not the time to try to explain. Maybe when I slow down. I cannot type fast but my fingers are punching at the keyboard like I can. You ought to see all the garbage I am typing. Even spell check does not know what it is even supposed to be!

Got to try to clean this up a bit and go. I am very...very tired.

Experts also say the next day we will be off the high, and be a very "low period." They are almost always right about that but I try not to think about it. . maybe I'll try to explain that, if it's not too scary.

I hope this comes out the way I wanted. I cannot proof read it, because my mind will not stay focused.

Later ok?

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