Monday, April 1, 2013

Not Writing... But You Are In My Thoughts (Re-Post)

Many things beyond my control have prevented me from writing. The commitment I made to myself months ago to write two or three times a week has just not been possible, and putting aside all the other challenges I am under, this failure of not reaching my goal is in itself - depressing.

I will leave you with a short quote I found that touched my heart. It may appeal to some, and not to others. Before I do, I want all of you who suffer from any degree of this dreadful illness to know that just because I may not know you personally, my thoughts and Prayers are with you. I have never doubted that no matter how serious my condition may be there are some of you who suffer more than anyone could ever imagine. Always remember, the man who tries to write this simple little blog constantly hopes you will get better soon and will NEVER give up! I always wish I could say something here that would help you; lift you up; give you the strength and courage to keep fighting the battle and always...hang in there!

Extracted from the book Touched with Fire, Poet Samuel Johnson had his first major breakdown at age twenty which lasted for two years. To emphasize once again this illness did not just develop during our generation, Johnson wrote this in 1761:

    "My terrours and perplexities have so much increased, that I am under great depression. . . . Almighty and merciful Father look down upon my misery with pity"

"My Mind"

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