Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Writing Style: No Rules to Guide Me

Professional writers expect some rejection and criticism. I believe this is what makes them stronger, and in turn, builds character. Some receives hundreds before their work is published. Now that my friends is dedication, character, and above all belief that their work is good!

A few days ago, out of the blue, I received an email from "X" with the subject line as follows: "Great Blog - Poor Writing." His email was about a page or so long outlining some rules of grammar, punctuation and probably just about every other mistake I have been guilty of. Even though I had to look up some definitions of a couple of words, I though it was very interesting. More importantly, I agreed with him one-hundred percent! I went as far to tell him so.

My situation on creating a "well written, proper, ready-to-publish" blog is hindered by, two major obstacles:

One:    My education is limited. Not only did I not major in English, I did not attend college. My favorite subjects in school were math and history - English was on the bottom of the list, therefore my grades reflected this. In addition to this, most of what I did learn, I forgot.

Two:    I think there are some who forgets the title of this blog and who the author is. I made a comment once that on many posts even if I did not mention my condition, you could read the article, most importantly the "tone of my voice" and could tell the what level on the chart of manic-depressive I am in at that time. The worse off I am, the worse my writing becomes.

Trust me; all grammar aside, I love to write! I have dreams of writing a novel and I have the subject and characters all lined out. It would be a thriller...of course. But I doubt very much there is a publisher or editor out there willing to tackle making it 'marketable." :)

"My Mind"

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