Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bipolar--Famous People

For those of us who suffer from Bipolar, especially those of us with Bipolar #1, we tend to think we are alone. No one knows what we go through, because no matter who you are everyone faces different demons inside of us. If you get outside of the normal symptoms, you cannot come close to knowing what I go through, and neither can I you. In our own world we suffer alone.

But what I have found that was shocking to me is you would be surprised at the number of famous people who have either been "officially or unofficially" diagnosed, or thought to have bipolar! On one reputable website, they list over one hundred musicians; poets; comedians; actors; writers; artists; designers, and the list goes on and on. Whether these masters dating back as far as the 1800's actually had Bipolar or another type of mental illness, I am not convinced that the exact diagnosis is 100% accurate.

I think in maybe the next couple of posts I would like to take one famous person or maybe even a few, give a brief history of their life and offer the facts that the professionals use to diagnose the person with Bipolar. I might even take it one step further and pick someone not mentioned from the list and if we can, for ourselves observe the actions and/or behavior and just see if they match the symptoms.

HOWEVER, if I talk about a famous person that is still alive today I will not smear their name for the sake of just writing about them, UNLESS they themselves have admitted they have some sort of mental illness that they have sought treatment for.

The purpose in this is for you, as well as myself realize that we are not alone. As I mentioned many times before I am not a writer, but I will try my best to make it informative and interesting for you.

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