Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Identity - Unveiled

My Identity - Unveiled

Years ago I set up a Facebook account under my real name. I loved this account! I was able to connect with friends and relatives I have not heard from in years, and it allowed me to be "friends" with terrific people from all over the world. I guess you could say this account is the "good" side of me. I do not discuss politics, religion or such, but rather share my passion of beautiful, stunning, rare and wonderful photographs and quotes of all kinds. I have over 1200 photographs in albums entitled:

Wall Photos - 225

Love and Friendship - 200

Love and Friendship II - 110

Wildlife - 198

Wildlife II - 158

Arizona; Native Americans; Old West - 200

Arizona; Native Americans; Old West II - 120

There are many more. Of course I have my eagles, my favorite of all! No surprise there huh?

In 2010 I started this blog. I had never set up a website in my life so this was new to me. As green as they come, instead of a short, to the point, easy to search blog address I chose: At this point in my life it was perfect for me because if you compared this blog with the Facebook account bearing my name, I was two totally different people.

I had just started this blog when in August 22, 2010 I wrote a piece entitled "Who Should I Tell".  Several times in this blog I have mentioned why I have used a "pen name" instead of my real name. Some see it different than me, and I guess that's what makes the world go around. If you could read it, it will help you follow where I am going with this and save me a lot of time.

Ok, try to stay with me here:

The Facebook account under my real name and this blog was going at a normal pace while doing research on this dreadful illness I noticed hundreds of websites, groups, organizations and causes on Facebook that I wanted to be a part of. Obviously, I did not want it to be tied to the real me so I started a Facebook account under the name "Eagle Mind" {Notice the first picture on the top right of this blog}. Eagle Mind allowed me to combine the best of both worlds - the normal family man (as must as possible) who is filled with love, passion, friendship, and humor - with the manic-depressive person that is also able to belong to many bipolar groups; post comments on their walls; send words of encouragement to others and share my blog.

Then, not too long ago, I signed up with other social network groups -some under Google - when I get an email from Google that Eagle Mind - or My Mind -(Ok, even I get confused of my identity from time to time :) "does not fall within their Names Policy" and if I did not comply to their names policy, my Google + account, email, and possibly any account I have with Google will be suspended in four days. Guess who hosts this blog? Yep you got it. So, on Google + I changed the name to my real name with the hope that my "nickname" I entered (Eagle Mind) will be used. Nope! There was my name loud and clear.

I signed onto this blog and to my surprise; Google automatically added my real name to every page I had ever written on this blog! Oh, you all have my name.

As I write this, I have mixed feelings. But as long as Facebook allows me to use Eagle Mind, I encourage you to be my friend there and see a different side of me. I am in the middle of transferring hundreds of photos onto that site. But don't forget the real reason why "Eagle Mind" was set up in the first place.

By the way, at the bottom of each page I publish here I will sign like I always have done, because my friend, "My Mind" for the most part, controls my life.

""My Mind"

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